Reading Mark Frazier's discussion in Quora on fractals and narrative ...

It is interesting to treat narrative structure as generative fractals rather than as structure.

I work in 'enabled' narratives, in which the fractals (if they are fractals) do not emerge on a linear sequential vector, but rather on a tangenital, depth vector. To wit, the 'enabler' asks the narrator whether there is a sub-narrative ('nested narrative') embedded in the orginal narrative. This is iterated, to produce layers of tangenital, 'deeper' nested narratives, at various points in the main narrative.

This process of teasing out tangenital nested narratives strikes me as 'fractal', although I have not woked explicitly with the notion of fractals before. What interests me in terms of the next step in analysis of nested narratives is to develop some way of describing the emerging 'tangenital patterns' that occur in the engagement between narrator and enabler. I had in mind something like Social Network Analysis, transcribed across to nested narratives as, perhaps, Sense-making Node Analysis (SmNA?). Any thoughts?

And ...
I share an interest in linking meaning to ontogenesis and phylogenesis, and from my semiotic background I generate flow charts from time to time, to try to make sense of these things.
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