Time to Introduce ourselves.

Please post up a sentence or two (with pic if you want) about yourself. You might also want to post up a link to your My Space, Facebook, Blogs, etc links, which might be a quicker way to do this.

Easiest would be to keep the listing alphabetical, by first name.


dustcube-lg.jpg (Roy Williams: 'dustcube' ): I head up the Flexible Learning Studio in the Faculty of Technology. I design learning spaces, and work with colleagues to design, develop and implement their courses, using whatever electronic tools and platforms are appropriate. I'm interested in how people might use and develop this wiki. So far, lots of people have visited, but very few have contributed. Pity.

My links:
Designs: http://designs4blendedwolf.blogspot.com/
WOLF: http://ofow.blogspot.com/
Discourse: http://www.roys-discourse-typologies.blogspot.com/
Online Simulation: http://sim4asialink.wikispaces.com/
Dave Snowden’s Blog: http://www.cognitive-edge.com/

Type in YOUR first name, and an introduction here ....
Name ...Bob Bell
Bio .... Just retired. Was community college instructional designer. Always have been an Art instructor, painter, stage designer.
Links ..... My blog which is not a community but simply a projection of my current thoughts and metaphors.

Bob, welcome! I will have a look at your blog and get back to you. Roy