The way we organize and manage knowledge is part of how we go about positioning ourselves in the economy and society.

In social theory, there is a lot of useful work on discourse, which can be defined as: "a cohesive set texts and practices which orders bodies, animate and inanimate, within specific communities of practice", which draws on linguistics and applied linguistics, and provides a slightly different theoretical framework, or K-M-etaphor, for the way we deploy knowledge and knowledge management in ordering out lives, and the lives of others.

See Discourse typologies for a wide ranging blog on discourses, and Metasemiotics and Practical Epistemology for a specific application of discourses to practical epistemology.

'Counting' and Critical Discourse Analysis
Discourses are ways of organizing knowledge, and managing knowledge as in controlling knowledge, and also controlling social practices.
Even the way different media 'count' the same thing can reveal what the 'discourse' they are operating within. This ...

is a basic piece on discourse and text, (Williams, R.T. 1993), with an analysis of a range of discourses in Apartheid news media, all of which purported to be counting the 'same' things...